Clash Royale is a very addictive game played by many players on their mobile or tablets. In this game, you will have to play some chest, and the main currency of this game is the gems and gold. You can exchange some gems for getting golds. The main strategy which will help you to win this game is the destruction of the tower. Here you will have to destroy your opponent by breaking the middle Tower, but the game is not that easy the way it looks because there will be a constant timer, so you need to have a strong troop and proper strategy for winning this game.

Tips on the chest

When it comes to managing a clan and running them, then it is a very tough job because with every clan chest you will get to know new element and you have to consider it while you are recruiting the members for your team. So, if you select inactive troops, then it will be a bad idea because with inactive members you can’t go through the best 2018 strategies for clash royale. You will lose the game because you will have to use 1600 crowns for reaching the level 10 of the chest and you have to do it within three days so you need to have 50 members and make an ideal clan where each member can produce 32 Crowns.

When you are playing this game for a long period, you will realize that dropping the trophies is not a big thing in this game, but when you start to play this game, you will feel that losing the position which you have is very hard. So if you are planning on succeeding in this game, you have to lose some of the trophies. When you are performing in the high-level matches, then it will be a tough fight with the opponent.

You have to check it closely the number of crowns your clan has because if your clan is super active, then you can easily fill the chest within two days and for getting to the level 7 and 8. An active Clan can do it easily, and its level will be dependent on the count of the crowns so getting to the high level can be quite tough. So whenever any clan member is dropping the trophy, you will be getting three crowns so you can continue it to the level 10.

You can try the cycle chest and the general chest because it can easily destroy the way tower like the Goblin, Elite barbs, Ridder Hogs.

Always keep your main focus on the middle tower of your opponent so that you are not wasting your time on the side towers because there will be a timer which will be following you. If you and your opponent are unable to complete the battle in 3 minutes, then both of you will get another extension of 1 minute within which you will have to complete the game. For making the game easy, you can also use the Clash Royale Hack.