As everyone knows that Smartphone is very popular these days and the most popular platform of Smartphone is Android and IOS. The good thing about these devices is that you can do anything like playing music to games. These are the quick source of entertainment while traveling or doing anything. Clash Royale is the popular game which everyone plays in leisure time or traveling time. This is an MMO game which allows other users to battle with you and the battle strategy theme made this awesome. The majority of people play it due to strategy feature because this way they can compete with anyone they like.

What’s the Reason behind Popularity

There are many reasons that Clash Royale is in trending but the main reason is the option of creating a powerful deck and then maintaining it. You have to collect cards and then keep on upgrading it. There are three types of cards in the game. You are able to get cards according to their powers. Common cards are easy to get; epic cards are little hard and rare cards can get through playing a lot. You have to keep on playing and then you will be able to get powerful cards. Sometimes you may be having cards which are not valuable to you so you can sell them and get some coins and gems from it. The best thing which you can do is to collect every card by the use of clash royale hack. This is a tool which provides unlimited currencies as well as you have the option of using it unlimited times but keep in mind that using any generator tool more than 5 times a day can be risky.

Moreover; when you use this tool then you also generate gems. Use all these gems for the purpose of purchasing cards and this will be in free now because you are using gems for it. On the other hand, if you are not using any tool but want to get unlimited resources than you have purchased it. This isn’t called as the best method but it still cost too much. You have to pay hundreds of dollar for it and then you will be able to get unlimited coins and gems. As a player of Clash Royale game, I would like to suggest you that generators are best because these keep you updated with unlimited resources and it helps in saving money.

What To Do With Generated Resources?

First of all, spend the clash royale free gems on cards and then use the coin to upgrade it. The thing which a gamer must have to know is the way of using weapons. If you are not capable of using a card or if you don’t know the powers of it then there is no benefit of playing. Use your cards in private battle with friends so that you can know the real power of it. There is also one more thing which you can do is combo attack. This is hard in starting but after playing for some days with combo attack you can be the best player. All the expert players’ advice that using a card is not big deal but shocking with something new is. When you place a card on the deck then must set another card for the safety purpose and this will be back up one.

When you will be habitual of using this method then try to focus on the enemy tower and don’t let him know that you are about to attack so place some troops which will confuse the enemy. This way you will destroy the first tower but after that, you have to take care defending because the enemy will be mad at you and he can use his powerful cards to do maximum threaten to your deck. This time using an epic card will end the battle but make sure you know the weakness of the enemy. This thing you can do when the enemy is attacking you and mistaking something.


The last thing which you have to keep in mind is to wait for the filling of elixir. If your elixir is on 10 then placing the card will be best otherwise your attack will go waste. You can boost up the speed of elixir just by spending some currencies on it but always use it when this is full otherwise you will end up losing.