Free Fire Battleground is an online survival game which needs a proper strategy. You can play this game on your Android or iOS device and even it is available on PC. Here a player will be dropped on an island and there he will compete with other 29 competitors in order to survive as the island will keep on shrinking. In the beginning, he will have to choose the character and the point of where he wants to start. Every character comes with its own capability of aim, power, and potential. So here in this article, some of the characters and its features are mentioned. One can also use Free Fire Battleground Cheats for proceeding quickly in this game.

Characters of Free Fire Battleground

Nikita: Nikita is a bodyguard who is 22 years old and is a professional firearm expert. When Nikita was a teenager she was popular by the name of air rifle marksman. She has strong senses and is very agile and has excellent skills for aiming. She is working as a bodyguard for Carolyn who is the daughter of organization’s chairman. She protects Carolyn everywhere. Nikita will help you in shooting faster by reducing the time which is needed for reloading the submachine.

Andrew: Andrew is an ex-police officer who is very much resilient and honest. He is very much skillful when it comes to hunting the dangerous criminals and lawbreakers. He has a lucky charm which is a single. He has a sharp sense of justice and always favours the truth by unmasking the players who are hiding behind layers of wrong deeds or deception.

Kelly: Shimada Kiriko is a high school student who is 17 years old and she is very fond of running. She spends her entire time running on the track and is considered to be the best sprinter. She can easily overlook the obstacles and can run forward in any circumstances. Kelly will help you to run to the safe zone by accelerating the sprint.

You need to choose the character according to your preference. To unlock all characters, you will need to use tools from thatgamehack otherwise this process will be too long. With the characters, you will also have to pick the weapons which you can easily handle and perform your moves with an ease. As you will have to constantly upgrade the character so it will become stronger. Always try to pick a weapon that will help you to kill any type of enemies.