Some tips on the Clash Royale chest

Clash Royale is a very addictive game played by many players on their mobile or tablets. In this game, you will have to play some chest, and the main currency of this game is the gems and gold. You can exchange some gems for getting golds. The main strategy which will help you to win this game is the destruction of the tower. Here you will have to destroy your opponent by breaking the middle Tower, but the game is not that easy the way it looks because there will be a constant timer, so you need to have a strong troop and proper strategy for winning this game.

Tips on the chest

When it comes to managing a clan and running them, then it is a very tough job because with every clan chest you will get to know new element and you have to consider it while you are recruiting the members for your team. So, if you select inactive troops, then it will be a bad idea because with inactive members you can’t go through the best 2018 strategies for clash royale. You will lose the game because you will have to use 1600 crowns for reaching the level 10 of the chest and you have to do it within three days so you need to have 50 members and make an ideal clan where each member can produce 32 Crowns.

When you are playing this game for a long period, you will realize that dropping the trophies is not a big thing in this game, but when you start to play this game, you will feel that losing the position which you have is very hard. So if you are planning on succeeding in this game, you have to lose some of the trophies. When you are performing in the high-level matches, then it will be a tough fight with the opponent.

You have to check it closely the number of crowns your clan has because if your clan is super active, then you can easily fill the chest within two days and for getting to the level 7 and 8. An active Clan can do it easily, and its level will be dependent on the count of the crowns so getting to the high level can be quite tough. So whenever any clan member is dropping the trophy, you will be getting three crowns so you can continue it to the level 10.

You can try the cycle chest and the general chest because it can easily destroy the way tower like the Goblin, Elite barbs, Ridder Hogs.

Always keep your main focus on the middle tower of your opponent so that you are not wasting your time on the side towers because there will be a timer which will be following you. If you and your opponent are unable to complete the battle in 3 minutes, then both of you will get another extension of 1 minute within which you will have to complete the game. For making the game easy, you can also use the Clash Royale Hack.

Clash Royale Blue Team & Red Team

As everyone knows that Smartphone is very popular these days and the most popular platform of Smartphone is Android and IOS. The good thing about these devices is that you can do anything like playing music to games. These are the quick source of entertainment while traveling or doing anything. Clash Royale is the popular game which everyone plays in leisure time or traveling time. This is an MMO game which allows other users to battle with you and the battle strategy theme made this awesome. The majority of people play it due to strategy feature because this way they can compete with anyone they like.

What’s the Reason behind Popularity

There are many reasons that Clash Royale is in trending but the main reason is the option of creating a powerful deck and then maintaining it. You have to collect cards and then keep on upgrading it. There are three types of cards in the game. You are able to get cards according to their powers. Common cards are easy to get; epic cards are little hard and rare cards can get through playing a lot. You have to keep on playing and then you will be able to get powerful cards. Sometimes you may be having cards which are not valuable to you so you can sell them and get some coins and gems from it. The best thing which you can do is to collect every card by the use of clash royale hack. This is a tool which provides unlimited currencies as well as you have the option of using it unlimited times but keep in mind that using any generator tool more than 5 times a day can be risky.

Moreover; when you use this tool then you also generate gems. Use all these gems for the purpose of purchasing cards and this will be in free now because you are using gems for it. On the other hand, if you are not using any tool but want to get unlimited resources than you have purchased it. This isn’t called as the best method but it still cost too much. You have to pay hundreds of dollar for it and then you will be able to get unlimited coins and gems. As a player of Clash Royale game, I would like to suggest you that generators are best because these keep you updated with unlimited resources and it helps in saving money.

What To Do With Generated Resources?

First of all, spend the clash royale free gems on cards and then use the coin to upgrade it. The thing which a gamer must have to know is the way of using weapons. If you are not capable of using a card or if you don’t know the powers of it then there is no benefit of playing. Use your cards in private battle with friends so that you can know the real power of it. There is also one more thing which you can do is combo attack. This is hard in starting but after playing for some days with combo attack you can be the best player. All the expert players’ advice that using a card is not big deal but shocking with something new is. When you place a card on the deck then must set another card for the safety purpose and this will be back up one.

When you will be habitual of using this method then try to focus on the enemy tower and don’t let him know that you are about to attack so place some troops which will confuse the enemy. This way you will destroy the first tower but after that, you have to take care defending because the enemy will be mad at you and he can use his powerful cards to do maximum threaten to your deck. This time using an epic card will end the battle but make sure you know the weakness of the enemy. This thing you can do when the enemy is attacking you and mistaking something.


The last thing which you have to keep in mind is to wait for the filling of elixir. If your elixir is on 10 then placing the card will be best otherwise your attack will go waste. You can boost up the speed of elixir just by spending some currencies on it but always use it when this is full otherwise you will end up losing.

Start Winning in Hay Day

Ways To Get Hay Day Free Diamonds

Hay Day is getting a huge popularity in the gaming world and by this game; anyone can easily kill the free time. In this game; the player gets many responsibilities of take care the farm by his uncle. The main goal; of player creates a fruitful farm by which he can gain maximum profit. When you start the game very first time then you will see a scarecrow by which you can get the proper information about this marvelous game. Apart from this; if you want to play with an extreme comfort level then you should take a help of Hay Day Hack.

Use of Hay Day Hack

With the help of the hay day hack a player is able to play the game with lots of advantageous. It is the perfect way to get hay day free diamonds among other ways which are quite difficult or time-consuming.  While you can also get a free diamond from the lucky resource such as gift boxes or wheel of fortune but there is no surety. In the case of a hacking tool, you will surely get the desired amount of the diamonds in your gaming account.

Moreover; a player can easily pass his/her free time and by this, you can easily enhance your gaming experience. It is really a boon for those people who love to play farming games. If you also farming game lover then you should play this and make the free time better. While playing the game you must put your focus in getting hay day free diamonds and if you don’t have enough time to wait for gifts then just use the Hay Day Hack Tool.  By using this online hacking tool a player can play properly with lots of coins and diamonds.

Mugen Game: Gundam War

Gundam War is a fan game that isn’t even complete, yet I am willing to say it is still one of the best Gundam games ever planned. While retail mecha video games have been(for the most part) garbage, I have faith the fan community can release something at least half way decent.
Before entering the download page, you are greated with text referencing a special attack usable only in team Mode, and this: The password for the archives are the author’s name, in lowercase. Helpful piece of information right there.

What do we have to look forward to in the full release? Future Century, After Colony and Universal Century Mobile Suits. Character sprites are ripped from Gundam Battle Assault, Mobile Suit Gundam: EX Revue, Gundam: Endless Duel and a few other 2D games.

Like Long battles? Good, The Gundams in this game will have a butt load of hit points. Have fun chipping away at the opponents lifebar(that is, if you don’t know how to adjust it in the characters file…)

The battle system will be simplafied, but not to the extent of a Tekken or other button mashers. Basic combos are mapped to one button. Activating more advanced attack paterns requires multiple buttons to be held down at once.

The Gundam War message board has a thread explaining the battle system in more depth than I care to give. Also, the game’s impressivly large(if not insane) roster is listed in one of the W.I.P. forum’s sticky threads.

Gundam War
Gundam War Message board

Top 8 Ball Pool Cheats in 2017

8 ball pool is belonging to the pool game which is allowing the people to play against with the other players across the world. In fact it is the internet in turn based game and it is quiet similar to the other kinds of pool game. Player can use their finger to intend the cue and they might also swipe it promote to hit the ball at their desired direction. Always try to beat your opponent with the help of rules and if you are winning a game then you might get more amounts of the coins.

Ultimate features in the eight ball pool game

In an 8 ball pool game is consisting of the solid gameplay and people might also play against with their Facebook friends or random opponents. It is designing with the excellent graphics and once you are starting to play this game then you can thoroughly enjoy the game. It is the most popular game in online and you are looking to win a game then you must follow some rules to win a game which is including

  • Calling the pockets
  • Know about common fouls
  • Game mechanics
  • Try to use more spin
  • Get the best 8 ball pool cheats 2017 that you can find

In a game, spin is helping to get the better position and try to set up the best and perfect spin to win a game. In case you are willing to play with your friends then you can challenge your friends in Facebook then you must follow certain things such as

  • Once you are linking your Facebook account to the Miniclip accounts then you can play with your friends.
  • After linking your account then you can search for a player who are available in Facebook
  • In case you are suing mobile then you might search it in with the help of user id
  • People might add your friends or opponent by clicking to the plus sign at their facebook picture.

It is one of the ideal places to play with your friends and if you are playing with your friends then you must know about rules and regulations of the game. It is also consisting of the excellent game mechanics such as breaking off and so one.

How to get the more coins in the eight ball pool game

As everyone knows 8 ball pool game main resources are coins and if you are playing this game in online more than half an hour then you might earn 25 coins. Each level up player can get the one pool cash and try to follow some tips which are sufficient to win a game. Players can also buy the table frames, pool cues, patterns, pool cash and char phrases. There are vast numbers of the statistics are there to win a game but choosing the best one is most important. It is the best game to play with your friends or family members. At the same time player must know about the rules and regulations in detail.